What is Sui Kiosk

Kiosk is a decentralized system for commerce applications on Sui. It consists of “Kiosks” - shared objects owned by individual parties which store assets and allow listing them for sale as well as utilize custom trading functionality - for example, an Auction. While being highly decentralized, Kiosk provides a set of strong guarantees:

  • Kiosk Owners retain ownership of their assets to the moment of purchase;
  • Creators set custom “policies” - sets of rules applied to every trade (eg pay Royalty fee, do some arbitrary action X);
  • Marketplaces can index events emitted by the Kiosk and subscribe to a single feed for on-chain asset trading;

Practically, Kiosk is a part of the Sui Framework, and it is native to the system and available to everyone “out of the box”.