Mysten Kiosk

Kiosk is a flexible base for building commerce-related applications on top of it. And as such it's not providing any specifics in the implementation. However, we offer a set of extensions and rules which cover the most common use cases.

Mysten Kiosk package contains rules and extensions and aims to be a Swiss army knife for on-chain commerce. The package is being developed and upgraded regularly to make sure there's a solution for most of the common use cases.

Repository and Code

Code is located in the MystenLabs/apps repository. It features the sources and instructions on how to add them to your project on both mainnet and testnet environments.


  • Personal Kiosk Extension makes the Kiosk non-transferrable and locks it to the owner. This allows creators to check whether their assets are traded in a user-owned Kiosk or whether it's a custom Kiosk-based solution (which may allow Kiosk trading - a way to escape policy enforcement).


  • Royalty Rule allows creators to set a royalty fee for every trade of their assets. The fee is paid to the creator on every trade. Not only does it add a percentage-based fee to the trade, but it also allows setting a min_price - a minimum fee paid for the asset (for trades below a certain threshold).

  • Kiosk Lock Rule allows creators to lock their assets in a Kiosk disabling the "take" operation.

  • Personal Kiosk Rule allows creators to enable trades only between personal Kiosks. Enforces the Personal Kiosk Extension on the buyer's side.

  • Floor Price Rule allows creators to set a minimum price for their assets in a Kiosk. The rule enforces the minimum price setting on the seller's side.


Mysten Kiosk package is fully supported by the Kiosk SDK @mysten/kiosk, which provides handy functions to perform actions in a Kiosk and resolve TransferRequests.